[ RadSafe ] Energy production waste double standard

ROY HERREN royherren2005 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 02:04:59 CST 2014

The CBS news show 60 Minutes, see http://www.cbsnews.com/news/coal-ash-spill-a-billion-barrels-of-muck/,had a great segment on tonight about a coal ash spill in North Carolina.  The amount of accumulated coal ash is simply staggering!  Clearly, the regulators have been turning a blind eye towards this issue for many, many decades, if not for over a hundred years.  I can't help but wonder whether or not the same vested interests that "discouraged" regulatory oversight of coal and it's wastes, weren't complicit in the many regulatory and social issues surrounding the use of nuclear power!  Big energy of today still isn't interested in the use of nuclear power in the US.  The darling of big energy today is natural gas.  However, it would appear that natural gas production has its own problems, see http://munews.missouri.edu/news-releases/2014/1205-chemicals-released-during-natural-gas-extraction-may-harm-human-reproduction-and-development/   Roy Herren

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