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Sun Dec 7 22:30:42 CST 2014

Joe, Radsafe:
       wormholes     ----   see papers by Einstein and Rosen
       Book --- the Evolution of Physics  ----  Einstein and Infeld --- 
quite readable.
       Book ---  Gravitation --- Misner,  Thorne and Wheeler   (General 
Relativity)    ....Hard  book with probably much new math in it for most people.
      Popular book --- Feynmann --- Surely you're  joking Mr. Feynmann.  
                               2nd popular book by Feynmann ---  do 
websearch for the title???
      Joe Preisig
PS  Thanks, Joe.....Also Goldhaber et al. --- the Experimental  Foundations 
of Particle Physics.
                              AP French --- Special Relativity    
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jjshonka at shonka.com writes:

Dear  Radsafe

The Feynman Lectures in Physics have been released  in an online version by 
Cal  Tech


On  Friday Digital Einstein went live, courtesy of Princeton University  

I thought of Franz when I saw that a letter from Einstein to  Madame Curie 
discussed “trolls” (or reptiles).  


“…..In  response to all this, Einstein praised Curie's work, and offered 
some  time-tested advice for dealing with trolls.  He preferred the evocative 
 term "reptiles," but his succinct advice from a century ago still holds 
true  today: "don't read that hogwash."”

Joe  Shonka
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