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It seems like a good idea to me too to remove spent fuel from the storage pool above the reactor. It is a rather fragile part of a BWR plant after all. In Sweden the once-through principle for use of nuclear fuel has been rather hegemonic for decades, not least for political reasons. So there is an interim storage solution that has been around for some time. Web page and presentation material here, if anyone is interested:



After having spent time in that pool system the fuel is meant to go on to a not yet built geological repository.

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While I have to admit not being surprised that a study funded by anti-nuke groups concludes that (fill in the blank) is too dangerous and ought to be shut down, I have to say that spent fuel pools in the upper stories of structures have never struck be as the best of ideas.  I recognize that it is keen to be able to move fuel from in the reactor to in the pool without lifting it out of the water.  However, after a couple of years to cool so it isn't just crazy radioactive it would also be keen if it were somewhere else.  I know about dry cask storage, and very much approve, but there could be an in-ground pool, not inside the reactor building, where the fuel could chill for the few more years needed before it is ready for dry cask.  If the fuel was moved one or two assemblies at a time shielding and cooling wouldn't be a big problem.   

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