[ RadSafe ] Article in The Hindu Newspaper: Is working in a nuclear power plant risky?

Thu Jan 2 12:51:24 CST 2014

A nice article indeed. But reading the comments was disheartening since a number were written by folks who have already made up their minds and can't be swayed even by facts. Unfortunately, most of the people who choose to post oppositional comments to something like this don't have the background to contribute materially to the discussion - they can only repeat what they've heard somewhere else, and they don't understand that a year or so of reading on-line postings does not make one an expert.

I was accused once of being arrogant and condescending in my treatment of a member of the public who was protesting against radiation and nuclear power when he clearly had no understanding of the underlying science - he could only parrot what he read on websites that supported his biases. I replied that I was no more arrogant and condescending than a person who was willing to ignore the conclusions of scientists and professionals who had devoted their lives to the subject. Needless to say, my argument was not well-received.


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       FYI: A nice article by S.K.Parthasarathy in The Hindu Newspaper: 
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