[ RadSafe ] USA's First Amendment Protects Free Speech Rights

Paul Lavely pjcrs at pacbell.net
Thu Jan 2 22:13:19 CST 2014


While I am not a constitutional scholar, I did study it in law school.  Speech is free.  That is, it can not be barred or stopped.  However, once spoken it is not without consequence.  You are free to lie in court, but you find that you are being tried for perjury.  You are free to lie about another person, but they may choose to take action when the words are untrue.  

Interestingly, you can give up your right to free speech by entering into a contract to not disclose information.  However, you can still disclose the information and face the consequences of that disclosure.

Virtually every modern technology (from electric blankets to vaccines, to radiation) face those who want to condemn it, or use the "precautionary principal" to restrict it to the point of it being useless.  

Have I experienced falsehoods about radiation? Sure, who of us has not.  Keep cool, tell the truth and take pleasure in the few you can convert to at least looking into the issue with an open mind.  I recently changed the beliefs of a MD who was listening to Helen C's ravings about radiation.  IT CAN BE DONE.

Paul Lavely, J.D.

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