[ RadSafe ] The Demon Metal or The Gospel According to Chris Busby

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Fri Jan 3 19:44:05 CST 2014

Hi, Mike,

Thank you. That seems to be a succinct summary of the situation.

It just seemed that Busby was claiming some new insight which I thought 
might have had some actual grounding in reality...it sounded semi 
plausible, so I thought I would ask.

I had an interesting gestalt as I spent five hours flying from Los 
Angeles to Maui a month or so ago--looking down at the vastness of the 
Pacific and thinking about how much radiation was being dumped into the 

While it seems the trash gyre is real, it is difficult to envision one 
(even large) reactor plant (with multiple reactors) making the entire 
Pacific Ocean unsafe, allegations of mutant wildlife notwithstanding.



On 2014-01-03 7:30 PM, Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:
> Hi, Richard.  Welcome back.
> I am passingly familiar with Chris Busby and his work, and have even
> traded emails and list serve posts with him on an couple of occasions.
> In my opinion he has the training and experience to be able to provide
> technically correct information, but has overcome any inclination to do
> so.  It is entirely possible that I have read something he has written
> or said that was entirely correct, but such a case does not come readily
> to mind.
> There are people on RadSafe who know so much more about uranium that I
> am barely worthy to hold their lab coats, but I do know that from a
> groundwater ingestion point of view, the chemical and radiological risks
> from natural uranium are about equal, and neither "high" compared to
> many other possible contaminates.  Depleted uranium is less radioactive
> than natural uranium (assuming the same chemical forms), and far less
> common than natural uranium, with a few local exceptions, even on a
> battlefield where DU projectiles were used.  (an entertaining statement
> I have seen several times from activists is that they found BOTH
> depleted AND enriched uranium in the same sample.)
> Finally, if homeowners are concerned about radon, they should test their
> homes.  It is easy and not expensive, and the kits are much more
> reliable and accurate than people who want them to be worked up about
> uranium.

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