[ RadSafe ] The Demon Metal or The Gospel According to Chris Busby

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As I recall, Arsenic and Uranium are about equal in crustal abundance.  Too
bad he doesn't discuss the carcinogenic, mutagenic, etc.  properties of

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On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 6:44 PM, Richard L. Hess <lists at richardhess.com>wrote:

> Hi, Mike,
> Thank you. That seems to be a succinct summary of the situation.
> It just seemed that Busby was claiming some new insight which I thought
> might have had some actual grounding in reality...it sounded semi
> plausible, so I thought I would ask.
> I had an interesting gestalt as I spent five hours flying from Los Angeles
> to Maui a month or so ago--looking down at the vastness of the Pacific and
> thinking about how much radiation was being dumped into the Pacific.
> While it seems the trash gyre is real, it is difficult to envision one
> (even large) reactor plant (with multiple reactors) making the entire
> Pacific Ocean unsafe, allegations of mutant wildlife notwithstanding.
> Cheers,
> Richard
> On 2014-01-03 7:30 PM, Brennan, Mike (DOH) wrote:
>> Hi, Richard.  Welcome back.
>> I am passingly familiar with Chris Busby and his work, and have even
>> traded emails and list serve posts with him on an couple of occasions.
>> In my opinion he has the training and experience to be able to provide
>> technically correct information, but has overcome any inclination to do
>> so.  It is entirely possible that I have read something he has written
>> or said that was entirely correct, but such a case does not come readily
>> to mind.
>> There are people on RadSafe who know so much more about uranium that I
>> am barely worthy to hold their lab coats, but I do know that from a
>> groundwater ingestion point of view, the chemical and radiological risks
>> from natural uranium are about equal, and neither "high" compared to
>> many other possible contaminates.  Depleted uranium is less radioactive
>> than natural uranium (assuming the same chemical forms), and far less
>> common than natural uranium, with a few local exceptions, even on a
>> battlefield where DU projectiles were used.  (an entertaining statement
>> I have seen several times from activists is that they found BOTH
>> depleted AND enriched uranium in the same sample.)
>> Finally, if homeowners are concerned about radon, they should test their
>> homes.  It is easy and not expensive, and the kits are much more
>> reliable and accurate than people who want them to be worked up about
>> uranium.
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