[ RadSafe ] The Demon Metal or The Gospel According to Chris Busby

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Hi, Dan,

Thanks for the informative link. I sometimes worry about Wikipedia 
articles where I don't know enough to really judge.

By Busby's conjecture, the uranium would have about 7.77 times the 
"damaging power" through the concentration of gamma rays in the DNA due 
to the ratio of atomic numbers squared: 92 vs 33.

Of course, we need something to go with uranium like "Arsenic and Old 
Lace" <smile>.



On 2014-01-04 2:57 AM, Dan McCarn wrote:
> As I recall, Arsenic and Uranium are about equal in crustal abundance.  Too
> bad he doesn't discuss the carcinogenic, mutagenic, etc.  properties of
> arsenic.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenic_toxicity
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