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This is what the anti-nukes fill their members heads with.

Roger Helbig

Arclight is Sean McGee who used to be and may still be in the UK.  He
is just a prolific poster to this Nuclear-News (all the news that
inflames the public, none of it that calms their nerves) website by
Christina MacPherson in Australia.  He appears to have no real
technical or scientific knowledge at all.

arclight2011part2 posted: " Arclight2011 4 January 2014
Nuclear-news.net I have just posted a rebuttal of the Turner Radio
article claiming a recent meltdown of a reactor (that had already
melted down in the early stages of the Daichi nuclear disaster in
March 2011). This is a"

 About nuclear meltdowns, explosions and other technical stuff!

by arclight2011part2


4 January 2014


I have just posted a rebuttal of the Turner Radio article claiming a
recent meltdown of a reactor (that had already melted down in the
early stages of the Daichi nuclear disaster in March 2011).

This is already documented and even the pro nuclear sources agree
(finally), that this happened.

One major reason that allowed the confusion is a lack of knowledge
concerning nuclear matters. Years ago the Main stream media used to
employ “Science Journalists” who did a specific qualification in
related fields. Now we have to rely on largely volunteer bloggers and
independent scientists, who are trying to disseminate real lies and
real corruption that is hidden deep in the data, using the talents
they have acquired to date. It is an imperfect way of gathering data
but is useful if you have some basic knowledge and critical thinking
skills. And this method has been effective for some. There are also
differences of opinion on the effects caused by this disaster within
the anti nuclear movement, most regular nuclear viewers are aware of
the differences in ideas and can decide for themselves but all are
agreed that there any meltdowns have already happened years ago.

The reason I wished to comment on this situation is because there is a
twist to this tale. There are real people having real problems in
Japan, especially those that live in the sporadically contaminated
areas of Fukushima and Miyagi (possibly beyond). We have some evidence
for the levels of contamination, not by the IAEA and the “nuclear
family” but by independent scientists, bloggers in France and beyond.
Most blogs might post some sensational posts but will balance it with
other human interest stories that are available and are real such as

Best Animated Film: ABITA, Germany, 2012, 4 min, Shoko Hara, Paul Brenner
"Abita", animated short film about Fukushima children who can't play
outside because of the radioactivity. About their dreams and realities.

The argument is really about the dose and other issues on
contamination that are effecting the effected areas. The secrecy that
started early April 2011 has successfully blinkered the worlds view of
the human impact of the Fukushima tragedy.

The lies of TEPCO, supported by their nuclear fuel friends from the
USA and the UK and the IAEA, ICRP, UNSCEAR , have made Fukushima an
internet brand that now commands many hits on a relevant website. The
human dimension has been ignored and articles such as the Turner Radio
and this effort;
have caused real hurt to many.

These media outlets managed to miss all the more accurate news that
can be found or as Dun Renard posits maybe there is something more
suspect? They ignore the feelings of the people of Fukushima and
concerned viewers from around the world that may have family and
friends in these effected areas.

Fukushima, indeed Japan has started to slide into totalitarianism with
military ambitions. Belarus was allowed to go that way by the Soviet
leadership as it would contain the information that might effect its
weapons program. Now the USA (with dozens of full on military bases
around Japan) is allowing and encouraging Japans similar slide. It
seems obvious to me this geo-political similarity. And the Military
industrial complex`s of the world get “business as usual”. There are
real stories to be told on this situation.

So well don D`un Renard for challenging this type of news. And the
other media outlets that admitted it was just business as usual at
Daichi. We need to think about the people in Japan and how we could
support them because;

If we stop Japanese, USA or UK/French nuclear then that effects the
whole global nuclear cabal and if we do that, no matter what you
believe, the engorged one percent get a bad beating.

If we prove that there is more serious health effects than the nuclear
lobby are letting on then many governments will get a bad beating and
so will corrupt medical professionals etc.

We could then help better in mitigating contamination in the many
areas that are polluted around the world and better support the most
badly effected from this disaster and that would make us consider
effects further away from ground zero. We need effective testing that
is not available now and an independent radiological measuring
organization such as the effrts of (The non-existence of the
International Nuclear Emergency Service - Iouli Andreev)

For future disaster remember that Japan has now an independent
radiation monitoring network called SAFECAST with more than 4000
monitors. Also, go to You Tube and look for new gieger readings,
certain bloggers will post any high hits there.. Check the main
nuclear news sources, I recommend http//www.nukene.ws to see the
different posters there and any more reliable news sources you know
off. They all have the links to the same Japanese bloggers etc.

The Japanese have an anti nuclear network that can doublecheck with a
phone call/email so I recommend
as a good place to start for the latest Japanese related as well as
fukushima diary.


I hope that this little bit of info might help in the future and hope
that other media outlets use these links and ideas to double check
stories. My thoughts are with all those Japanese and concerned
bloggers/scientists around the world that had their New Year
celebrations dulled with concerns.

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