[ RadSafe ] Fw: [NucNews] Sea life die offs due to Fukushima debunked

Tue Jan 7 11:22:03 CST 2014

What is nice is that these were NOT written by anyone with ties to the nuclear industry or to the radiation safety community. Like the blog posting by Kim Martini (an oceanographer at University of Washington), found at http://www.ilind.net/2013/12/30/oceanographer-debunks-wildest-fukushima-radiation-fears/, this shows that an intelligent and scientifically literate person can examine available information in an unbiased manner and come to the conclusion that Fukushima is not causing these massive and widespread environmental problems. 

If only there were more intelligent and scientifically literate people who were willing to be unbiased....


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I found the following two articles very informative and interesting.

Warm regards

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These two articles look at two sea life die offs that have been being
circulated as being caused by Fukushima. The authors document that both
of these issues existed long before Fukushima. 

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