[ RadSafe ] passing the torch at tenorm dot com

Egidi, Philip Egidi.Philip at epa.gov
Tue Jan 14 08:55:53 CST 2014

Sorry for any cross-posting, but I wanted to let the group know that after 16 years, I have decided to hand over control of the tenorm.com web site to Geri Blanchard, owner of NORM Solutions (www.normsolutions.com.) It has become increasingly difficult for me to keep the web site current due to family and work obligations, and felt it was time for someone younger with the energy and drive to update and maintain the site. I started tenorm.com to draw attention to (and sell) an equivalent radium in soil meter that unfortunately never made it to market (https://web.archive.org/web/19980611074225/http://www.normis.com/.) 

While I didn't make it as an entrepreneur, I think I have done a pretty decent job of getting the TENORM issue on the radar screen of many, and have provided good, objective information and counsel to numerous folks over the years. I specifically did not use the site as a soap box to push any particular agenda, and never took any advertising or sponsorship money - it was a labor of love that I can no longer maintain. 

I continue to work very hard on TENORM issues at my day job in the Radiation Protection Division at EPA Headquarters (where I have been for a little over two years), and will be putting effort into updating the EPA's TENORM web site (http://www.epa.gov/radiation/tenorm/) along with some new communications efforts. I'll continue to monitor the Listservs and hopefully will be making some presentations during 2014. My new personal email address is: pegidi at tds.net, and my work email address is: egidi.philip at epa.gov. I am also on LinkedIn. 

So be healthy and safe out there, and wish Geri good luck going forward with tenorm.com. Geri has an email list too and you can check that out and signup at normsolutions.com. Happy Trails

Phil Egidi

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