[ RadSafe ] Man pleads guilty in plot to build mobile death ray

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Not only were these two turkeys unable to build the death ray (all they
managed to do was build what amounted to a long range garage door opener)
but NO ONE could have succeeded with this plan.  The only x-ray device that
come close to delivering the amount of radiation needed is a LINAC.  For
whole-body irradiation of 100 cGy at 5 meters the exposure time is 40-45
minutes.  A rapidly lethal dose of several thousand cGy would take hours!
The massive power requirements and shear bulk of such a device would
require a flat-bed truck to haul it all around.

In short these charges are complete nonsense.  Neither the FBI nor the US
Attorney seem to comprehend the inverse square law, or more likely are
simply counting on the public's ignorance and  radiophobia to get credit
for busting another fake terror plot.

The police state that this country has become disgusts me.

Clayton Bradt

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When X-ray death machines are outlawed, only outlaws will have X-ray
death machines.  Fortunately, they won't work.

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Umm...So, what law is it that criminalizes simply building an x-ray
machine, which occurs at academic and R&D organizations with some
(albeit probably limited) frequency?

Barbara L Hamrick
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Subject: [ RadSafe ] Man pleads guilty in plot to build mobile death ray

Here's the perfect Friday story.

Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Build Mobile Death Ray

Jan. 24, 2014

A New York man on Wednesday pleaded guilty to charges of participating
in a terror plot to build a weapon that would use X-ray beams to poison

Eric Feight, 55, of Hudson, admitted in federal court to providing
material assistance to an improbable plan to construct a mobile gun that
would fire poisonous radiation waves at its targets. Feight remains in
custody, awaiting his sentencing hearing in May. He could face a maximum
jail sentence of 15 years, the Associated
te-NY-man-pleads-guilty-X-ray-weapon-case> reported.

Feight's alleged co-conspirator in the X-ray gun plot, Glendon Scott
Crawford, 49, of Galway, was arraigned in a different court proceeding
on three counts: attempting to build and use a radiological device,
plotting to use a weapon of mass destruction, and disseminating
weapons-related information. The alleged Ku Klux Klan member pleaded not
guilty to the charges, the Albany Times
-5165421.php> reported.

"Crawford planned to create a mobile, remotely operated,
rist-death-ray-plot/> capable of killing people silently from a distance
with lethal doses of ionizing radiation," the plea agreement states.
"Crawford's intended targets were Muslims, Muslim-related organizations
and persons Crawford believed were contributing to the demise of the
United States."

Authorities said, though, that Crawford was unable to build the machine
and no one was harmed in the plot.

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