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Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
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If the shelters work for tornados I can see some value.  The NBC
filtration may be a bit much, but robust ventilation system is

Personally, I think tornado shelters should be required in the building
codes throughout the swath of the US where they are realistic.  I
recently heard an interview of a guy who had to turn his neighbors away
from his shelter, with the tornado less than a mile away, because he
already had as many people in the shelter as could fit and still close
the door.  The neighbors survived, but he felt really bad.  If every
house in his neighborhood had a shelter things would have been much

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It's 3 pm in the DC area.  I just viewed a television commercial for
Titan Shelters.  They made sure to let the potential consumer know that
for as little as $139 per month, you can be sure to do everything you
can to protect your family.  The shelters can even be fitted with NBC
filtration systems.

After I finished pinching myself, I wondered if the shelters also come
with sufficient armament to fend over ravaging hordes who may not have
their own shelter?  

I also wondered if they can sustain the shock wave of a 10 kT nuclear
blast?  Or radiation pulse....??

Shades of 1950.....

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