[ RadSafe ] Man pleads guilty in plot to build mobile death ray

Clayton J Bradt CJB01 at health.state.ny.us
Wed Jan 29 12:50:40 CST 2014

Brian Rees said:

   One thing for everyone to remember is that you're hearing about this
   from media reporting (or limited public releases).  Having had the
   misfortune to be very close to major-interest stories I can assure you
   that there's likely plenty of stuff you're NOT hearing, things you're
   hearing that aren't true, and everything in between.  Knowing the real
   story, there were times I wondered if the reporting I saw was about the
   same story!

This is very true and important to keep in mind.  Furthermore, I think we
can safely assume that the only information in the media was given to it by
the US Attorney's office and slanted to make the suspects appear as guilty
as possible.  Fortunately the underlying physics can't be spun by either

Clayton J. Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist
NYS Dept. of Health

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