[ RadSafe ] Philippines Carnage Direct Result of Fukushima Radiation

Tim Hart magspidy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 30 08:42:18 CST 2014

Down through the years I have watched this list with morbid curiosity
for the various stories and discussions about the anti nuclear
activist and their ilk. In general my impressions on this topic have
been formed by the discussions held on this list server (okay I don't
get out much). I am not one to challenge others usually because it
tends to make me a little uncomfortable; I try to avoid confrontation
as much as I can. Just recently my son sent me a link that he had
stumbled on to, that he found quite disturbing:


My son is probably better educated on these topics than most and has a
very strong sense of right and wrong. He asked me how to respond to
this very poorly informed and "fanatical," (his word), post. I am at a
loss when faced by such misguided insanity, so my question to the
group is this; How would you counsel your teenage son or daughter to

Tim Hart
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