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18USC , CHAPTER 113B - TERRORISM (sections 2331 - 2339D)

it appears that under these laws there are bases for the charges against 
the two men named in the article, whether or not the end result of the 
conspiracy is plausible or possible.

I think it is good that these men have been detected and subjected to 
legal scrutiny.  Who knows at what point they would figure out that their 
intended means of menacing or harming their intended targets is not 
plausible and after figuring it out turn to some other more plausible 
means to carry out their intentions?  It's better to have detected them 
now and legally debate whether or not there is bases to have charged and 
detained them at all than to not do so and wait until they find a 
plausible method to carry out their insidious intentions.


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Re: [ RadSafe ] Man pleads guilty in plot to build mobile death ray

I have a good friend who's an attorney, albeit not in criminal law. Here's 
her opinion on the conspiracy stuff.
Let's do a substitution--a deluded husband thinks he can kill his wife by 
feeding he flour so every chance he gets he sneaks it into her food. His 
friends are recruited to help him buy and store the flour. When his plot 
is discovered and assuming she is not gluten intolerant could he and his 
friends be charged with conspiracy to commit murder? I think not.
She said she'll see if she can find anything more definitive.

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