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We call 'em tornado shelters in Kansas and Oklahoma.  Ever been up close to what's left over after an F5?  It literally took the tile off the floor where I used to work in Wichita!  Concrete block walls down to the first course of brick.  1986?  Great video of the news team under a bridge on YouTube.

10 kT?  Sure.  Long as it's not straight over head.  Neutron pulse is a different story.  Takes some extra tech to make a neutron weapon, though.  I'd bet most of the weapons in most arsenals won't fire anyway.  (Judging from the slide in quality of our own military officers, I'll include our own arsenal in that.)

That leaves weapons built by terrorists from weapons grade sold by Iran and North Korea.  Primitive, low yield, dirty devices that have to be mailed or shipped.  Stay away from ports of entry and FedEX receiving centers (and downwind) and you'll be fine.

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It's 3 pm in the DC area.  I just viewed a television commercial for Titan Shelters.  They made sure to let the potential consumer know that for as little as $139 per month, you can be sure to do everything you can to protect your family.  The shelters can even be fitted with NBC filtration systems.

After I finished pinching myself, I wondered if the shelters also come with sufficient armament to fend over ravaging hordes who may not have their own shelter?  

I also wondered if they can sustain the shock wave of a 10 kT nuclear blast?  Or radiation pulse....??

Shades of 1950.....


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