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Wed Jan 29 16:18:38 CST 2014

Recent laboratory analyses by Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and=20
Research Center (CEMRC) found some trace amounts of a mericium and=20
plutonium from a sampling station located on the WIPP access road. This=20
is consistent with the fact that HEPA filters remove at least 99.97% of=20
contaminants from the air, meaning a minute amount still can pass=20
through the filters. As noted by the CEMRC , an independent=20
environmental monitoring organization, the levels found from the sample=20
are below the levels established by the Environmental Protection Agency =
to ensure public health is protected.=20

Cary Renquist
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WIPP awaits analysis of radiation
Sensors detected airborne radiation over the weekend at nuclear waste =
By Zack Ponce
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Roy Herren
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