[ RadSafe ] Radiaton to animals

sfisher373 at aol.com sfisher373 at aol.com
Sun Jul 13 13:48:48 CDT 2014

On a lighter note, the mice got their revenge a the institution where I worked.  There was a large room with an x-ray machine in it.  The machine was used for animals as large as sheep, and as small as mice.  Along one wall there was a row of mouse cages, as those mice were used for routine x-raying.  The distance was quite large, so no additional exposure to the mice.  

One day, I got a phone call that the machine was haunted.  They said that the machine sometimes angulated by itself, or did things when no one was touching any buttons.  It turned out that when the mice were young, they could slip out of the cages.  Then they liked to eat the wires in the machine, and cause short circuits.  I found a large mummified mouse between two phases of the variac, that had been electrocuted.  


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