[ RadSafe ] Help with a California new x-ray installation question ...

Ted de Castro tdc at xrayted.com
Fri Jul 25 16:46:22 CDT 2014

Since there seems to be no way to contact the Northern California 
Chapter (their posted email contacts don't work) to make this query 
appropriately local; I am posting it here (sorry - at least its on topic!):

I am helping a company get started with a new x-ray installation. ONE 
machine, incredibly well interlocked and shielded.  I've already done 
some training - and they don't even have the machine yet --- but soon.

The State requires a Radiation Protection Program Document - I've 
downloaded and read their guidance document.  Seems simple enough but I 
don't want to underestimate it.  The only live examples I've found 
online are for mega institutions like Stanford.  I'm really happy to see 
such things available - however - I don't want to over do this either.

So I am looking for working, accepted program documents for similarly 
small scale, low risk/impact facilities - maybe something with a 100kv 
TEM or 2 - although this would be more like analytical in use - more 
like an SEM in risk.


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