[ RadSafe ] Beta correction calculation

Philip Simpson phils at umich.edu
Mon Jun 2 16:49:17 CDT 2014


A quick Google search came up with the following.

Reg Guide 8.30, section 8.0 gives one U.S. NRC accepted method for determining the “Beta Correction Factor” for an ion chamber based survey instrument. Note that this is applicable to uranium recovery facilities in the U.S. It may or (more likely) may not be applicable to what you are trying to measure.  The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory publication PNNL-13603 available on the web may also give you some guidance. 

Essentially it comes down to what beta energy and source geometry you are trying to measure. If your methodology is reasonable and documented your regulator should accept it and, more importantly, it will provide a reasonable estimate of actual dose rates. 

Also recall that ion chamber readings are proportional to the rate of energy deposition (dose rate) in the chamber by ionizing radiation and are not event based like GM detectors.

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