[ RadSafe ] Retention of X-Ray Reports / Dosimetry records

Diane Griffiths nucleardi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 14:07:23 CDT 2014

My filing cabinet in my office is filling up, and I was wondering what
y'all do, or how long you keep various reports.

I know with the Radioactive Materials License it is spelled out how long we
need to keep specific records regarding our license and dose calibrator
records, etc. I know we are supposed to keep records of personnel exposure
for the lifetime of the license. Do you keep the paper files of all the
annual exposure reports, and termination reports? I was debating on if I
could start scanning in the files of employees that have been deleted form
the dosimetry program for years, and just keep an electronic version on
multiple CD's?

How long do you keep the reports from the annual survey of X-Ray and CT
Machines? Currently I have every report in my files going back to 1996, and
these files are getting thick!

I would appreciate any comments / suggestions!


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