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Engineering Solution for Radioactive Waste in IRAQ, Journal of Advanced 
Science and Engineering Research Vol 4, No 1 March (2014) 18-36
Depleted uranium (DU) is a by-product of the enrichment of natural 
uranium for nuclear reactor-grade or nuclear weapons-grade uranium. DU 
is chemically identical to natural uranium. Depleted uranium is 
chemically identical to natural uranium. DU is depleted with isotope of 
U-235 and its radioactivity is 60% of the natural uranium and increases 
to 80% after few months and is usually considered as low level 
radioactive waste (LLW).Iraq experienced two devastating wars in 1991 
and 2003, during which massive amounts of new weapons and sophisticated 
manufactured nuclear weapons were used -called Depleted Uranium 
(DU).During the second Gulf war in 2003 U.S. and British troops have 
reportedly used more than five times as many DU bombs and shells as the 
total number used during the 1991 war for the invasion and occupation of 
Iraq. It was estimated that more than 1100 to 2200 tons of DU was used. 
As a consequence the ruminants of wars are affecting the people (30 
million) and environment. There are hundreds of sites contaminated with 
nuclear radiation.There is no Iraqi strategy and/or national program, 
not even well thought out plans and scientific personnel and technical 
equipment required to clean Iraq of these wastes. The aim of this work 
is to high light the environmental implications of the two Gulf wars on 
Iraq and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

Any comments by the experts (please read the full article before 
providing answers based on this abstract)
Obviously DU is not a "sophisticated manufactured nuclear weapon". Also 
"ruminants" should be read as "remnants". Look in particular at Section 3.

E. Sartori

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