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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sun Mar 16 12:59:16 CDT 2014

      777????  Wonder if it is in the Indian  Ocean???  Otherwise perhaps 
it has landed in Pakistan or some similar  place.???  Flight crew was in on 
the heist????  What is to be  gained???  Jet engine technology and civilian 
aircraft guidance systems ---  Ring laser gyros and accelerometers???  Wonder 
if the passengers are  alive????
     Back in 1983, I was told spatial resolution of a  US spy satellite was 
5 cm by 5 cm.  We probably have some coverage over  Indonesia etc....Hope 
they find the 777 landed somewhere.
     Your inpormation about the drone differs from what  I saw on TV.  
There is printed information somewhere 
about how the Iranian flying craft works.   Google  onward????
     Joe  Preisig
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lists at richardhess.com writes:
Hello,  Joe,

My understanding was the drone was brought down by spoofed GPS  signals.

Sorry, I did not bookmark where I read it.

But...where  do you hide a 777?



On 2014-03-15 1:46  PM, JPreisig at aol.com wrote:
> Hmmmmm,
>   According to the UFO show Hangar1 on History  Channel  2 (a Mufon show)
> An Iranian Airship (a flying saucer of their  design  ---- Glocke, Hauebu 
> something similar....Thule  Tachyonator power system???)  has brought 
down a
> USA drone intact  with some sort of tractor beam.  Guess  their aircraft 
>  out of the closet....
>      Joe  Preisig

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