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The  International Nuclear Safety Journal  
(http://nuclearsafety.info/international-nuclear-safety-journal/index.php/INSJ)  is dedicated to all aspects 
of nuclear safety. The INSJ is an open-access  journal. Both the 
publication and the access to the articles are free of any  charge.  Authors need to 
(http://nuclearsafety.info/international-nuclear-safety-journal/index.php/INSJ/user/register)  with the journal prior to submitting.  
Prospective reviewers are also  encouraged to register.   
List members are encouraged to submit papers to the journal.  The open 
access and international  purpose ensures a wide dissemination of accepted  
Papers relevant to one or more of the following areas are welcome:  Nuclear 
Safety Culture; Operational Experience Feedback; New Reactor  Designs; 
Siting, Construction and Commissioning of New  Reactors; Nuclear Safety Training 
and Qualification; Hazard  Assessment; Deterministic Accident Analysis; 
Probabilistic Risk  Assessment; Risk-Informed Applications; Accident 
Management; Fuel  Safety (and behavior under accident conditions); Radiological 
Protection  for Nuclear Installations; Nuclear Criticality Safety; Reactor Safety  
Systems; Instrumentation and Control Systems and Safety Critical  Software; 
Cyber Security; Management Systems for Nuclear Facilities  and Activities; 
Nuclear Installations Operation and  Maintenance; Reactor Standardization; 
Ageing Management and Long Term  Operation; Human Factors in Design, Safety 
Assessment and Performance  Improvement; Management of Human Resources; 
Knowledge  Management; Nuclear Decommissioning; Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste  
Management; Emergency Preparedness and Response; Environmental  
Radioactivity; Nuclear Safety and Security Interface; Nuclear  Law; Regulatory 
Processes (Review, Inspection, Licensing,  Enforcement); Public Communication, 
Stakeholders Involvement and  Transparency; Material Properties and Applications; 
Research and  Development for Nuclear Safety.

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