[ RadSafe ] Any Members in Brussels

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Wed May 14 18:38:42 CDT 2014

 I am looking for someone to do a little sleuthing in Brussels.  In
particular to learn more about the European Committee on Radiation
Risk for which Christopher C Busby is the "Scientific Secretary".
Busby controls the website so you don't get much information from that
such as "who or what vote appointed Busby as "Scientific Secretary" or
who are the members or what are the by-laws", but I expect a visit to
their address might be instructive even if only from what exactly the
"office" at

European Committee on Radiation Risk/Comité Européen sur le Risque de
Avenue de la Fauconnerie 73,
B-1170 Bruxelles,

is.  I believe it may be nothing more than a private apartment.  What
it is not, is connected with the European Union or even with the
Greens in the European Parliament.  I think it is just another title
that Busby uses to make it look like he is really someone in the know
instead a total phony.   I would not be surprised if it were not
similar to the title he used with the private company, now charity
(and probably a phony one at that) The Cancer and Birth Defects
Foundation, London, that Busby was instrumental in founding.  It
initially appeared very similar to his other two private companies,
Green Audit and Low Level Radiation Campaign.

Roger Helbig

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