[ RadSafe ] Can anyone help on radiological incident project?

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Fri Nov 21 13:11:39 CST 2014

     Nice question.  Search via internet.   See if the Nuclear Regulatory 
Commission got involved.  Is Michigan an  agreement state???  Contact the 
local Michigan State Department of  Environmental Protection/Radiation 
Protection Group and see what they have on  Hand.  Search their archives or News 
Events in their website.  Check  newspapers online or in the UMichigan library. 
 Some Health Physicist from  Radsafe probably knows all about this event 
and will send you an email  shortly.
     Did this Hahn kid actually get his hands on some  moderately enriched 
Uranium or Plutonium to get this small reactor going.   Doubtful.  Unless he 
is a great thief or able to enrich Uranium/Plutonium  at home, he probably 
didn't get this reactor to go far online.
     Good Luck      Joe  Preisig
PS  Wonder if present day Iran has a secret underground diffusion  plant 
which runs day and night to make enriched Uranium and/or Plutonium for  
Nuclear Power and Spaceship Propulsion???  Wonder if Keshe got his  
Uranium/Plutonium for Spaceship Propulsion from the flying saucer that crashed  in Iran??? 
 Clearly Team USA (men in black???) needs to respond quickly to  flying 
saucer crash sites to clean up downed reactors and especially to retrieve  that 
naughty highly-enriched Plutonium/Uranium.
In a message dated 11/21/2014 1:28:29 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
gmitsch at umich.edu writes:

I am  currently studying Radiological Health Engineering at the University
of  Michigan under Dr. Kim Kearfott.

I am involved in a group project about  the August 31, 1994 incident in
Commerce twp., where David Hahn built a  'home-made' nuclear reactor.

I know the media has a lot of information  about the incident out there, but
am looking for more official reports-such  as who were the first responders,
how was the situation handled, was any  radiation measured, and who handled
the final clean up of the area.  I  am also particularly interested in any
in house reports that detail  isotopes present, radiation measurements made,
and the techniques used to  do so.

Again, I realize this was a while back, but if my 'digging'  allows me to
request copies of any official reports, it would help me  tremendously!

Any advice on who else I may contact regarding  information on this incident
is also welcome.

Thanks for any  help!!

Gretchen Mitschelen
University of Michigan class of  2015
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological  Sciences
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