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Manager of Radiological Instrumentation
Organization: Mission Support Alliance • 2490 Garlick Boulevard, PO Box 650, Richland, WA 99352
Title                            Manager of Radiological Instrumentation
Position Number        25463
Posted                        11/19/2014
Closes                        12/03/2014

Job Begins: January 2015
Description: The HRIP Manager is responsible for all operational aspects of the radiological instrument calibration program and reports directly to the Radiological Site Services Director. This position ensures that the department provides technically capable calibration, maintenance, and repair services for portable and semi-portable radiological instrumentation, and delivers technically sound, defensible data for determining the adequacy of site radiological control programs to protect the health and safety of workers, the public, and the environment.

The HRIP Manager will assist in implementing policies and priorities to meet or exceed all MSC contract requirements, consistent with MSA goals and objectives.

The HRIP Manager provides direct technical support to calibration and repair technicians, and will work with HRIP customers to address and resolve calibration issues, and assists with any investigations or troubleshooting.

The HRIP Manager plays a key role in the organizational structure of the program. This position is directly responsible for production and business operations personnel.

Roles and Responsibilities:

 1.  Provide a place of employment that is free from hazards that may cause serious physical harm to workers. Convey safety expectations to facility personnel (including Stop Work).Provide overall direction of the department's functions. Assist in the establishment of HRIP's goal and objectives within the RSS management plan. Develop and oversee methods for measuring and evaluating the performance of the activities performed within HRIP, including personnel, equipment, and service levels.
 2.  Implement direction, training, and evaluation of HRIP production and technical functions. Coordinate and direct the efforts of HRIP to ensure that the function operates efficiently.
 3.  Day-to-day management of HRIP staff; including interfacing with HRIP's Production and Business Operations Leads in relation to daily supervision and work direction of staff.
 4.  Review, approve, and maintain calibration procedures. Function as the technical authority for assigned methods and procedures. Interface with the quality assurance department to ensure compliance of the HRIP employees with assigned methods to policy and procedural requirements.
 5.  Assist in the budget process for the department, including preparing, reporting against, and operating within department budgets. Oversee development of resource plans and personnel schedules.
 6.  Maintain proper staff levels and the quality and competence of the personnel on that staff. Evaluate the performance of the organization's personnel.
 7.  Act as the responsible manager for HRIP corrective action management (CAM) activities. Address technological corrective action issues. Collaborate with RSS QA Management in response to assessments and surveillances conducted by RL, state and federal regulatory agencies and internal oversight organizations.
 8.  Conduct management assessments as scheduled. Focus on management systems, including performance in the field, and report compliance issues identified.
 9.  Guide and manage the planning of capital equipment procurement of new and replacement items.
 10. Determine and provide a necessary level of technical documentation during requirements gathering, based on technical services group standards and procedures and discussions with project staff, industry experience, and technical vendors
 11. Responsible for scoping, identification of project deliverables, and creation of project-specific documentation such as functional specifications, technical specifications, etc.
 12. Assure facility postings, radiological work permits (RWPs), and standard operating procedures (SOPs) are current.
 13. Review and approve completed calibration data sheets as needed.
 14. Keep abreast of industry trends and advancements in radiological instrumentation
Basic Qualifications:

 *   BS degree in science, engineering, or a related discipline with an emphasis in health or radiation physics.
 *   A minimum of eight years of experience in radiological health and safety, with emphasis on the development, design, engineering, use, and maintenance of radiological detection instrumentation, including calibration and repairs.
 *   Two years in a management or supervisory leadership role.
Desired Qualifications:

 *   Effective written and oral communication skills, and the ability to successfully resolve conflicts between multiple parties.
 *   Advanced degree in science, engineering, or a related discipline with an emphasis in health or radiation physics.
 *   Knowledge of DOE 10-CFR-835 and ANSI N323-1978
 *   Experience with the implementation of box irradiator systems.
Website: http://msa.hanford.gov/
Additional Comments or Instructions: Please note this is a reposting of a previous job. Please submit applications though MSA website. Questions may be submitted to Susan Kon at 509-373-7460

Salary: Negotiable
Attn: MSA Human Resources • Phone: 800-438-1305 • Email: MSAresumes at rl.gov<mailto:MSAresumes at rl.gov>

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