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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
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Radsafe/Mr. Bugg:
     No CD's???  Ouch.  Nowadays you can use  internet explorer, or 
whatever, connect with the software vendor, and download  the software online.  In 
Very Long Baseline Interferometry (i.e. Radio  Astronomy) some analysis 
codes (called CALC and SOLVE) have source code the size  of a telephone book.  
Might take a while to download.  RSICC/ORNL has  many radiation computer 
codes.  Take Care.
    Joe Preisig
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"  Perhaps you can put this bootdisk stuff onto a CD  disk."   

That should be possible, but CD and DVD drives are going away, too.  Some
computers allow you to set up a boot from USB in the  BIOS.

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How cool is this email  post, and hiding out in the  world of DOS.  
Perhaps you can put  this bootdisk stuff onto a CD  disk.

Bruce   Bugg
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