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Happy Halloween,
     If Henrietta Lacks cells are so durable and  long-lived, then perhaps 
one could clone a whole new Henrietta from one of her  cells, even though 
she has been dead for quite a while....The mind  boggles....
     Joe Preisig
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HeLa = Henrietta Lacks cells
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      Cost prohibitive is probably  right.  Maybe cost will come down some 
with time???  Perhaps  families with well established genetic problems could 
have DNA analysis of 5  to 10 genome traits at lower cost.
Remind me what HeLa cells are???
      Joe P.
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As you indicate, the cost is between 2K-15K $.  This is  prohibitive to 
most families and is not yet covered by insurance.   The BRCA gene responsible 
for ovarian and breast cancers has recently been  added to the testing 
allowed by the insurance companies.  The cost  was originally 1.5K - 2K $.  Great 
discussion of this in book about  Henrietta Lacks that came out a few years 
ago.  See The  Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  Its the 
history  behind the HeLa cells we came to know and love in Alan's class.   

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     Apparently this screening can eliminate  tay-sachs disease also...
     Joe P.
     UC/Davis---LLNL joint MS/PhD program in  Applied Physics/Applied 
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     Job at NIST involving DNA  (google  USAJOBS  then NIST) for people 
with physics degrees.
     Recent program on 60 Minutes (Last Sunday  ---USA TV) about genetic 
screening using sperm/eggs and/or saliva.   Cost now about $2K to $15K.  
Couples interested in producing kids  can have their DNA screened to eliminate 
possibility of children getting  many genetic diseases.  Seriously eliminate.  
Maybe 60 Minutes  website has more on this.  Also google genetic screening. 
  Some cancers may be screened also.
    Joe Preisig    

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