[ RadSafe ] Global warming

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
Fri Sep 19 15:07:05 CDT 2014

Yeah!  And you can fix your truck so you can roll coal (http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/bfvmgh/coal-rolling)!  That PROVES it!  

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Wut global warming????    Oh you mean that man-made climate change human 
imposed global climate distortion .... <g> Happy Friday to All, Maury&Dog =====================================

On 9/19/2014 12:26 PM, JPreisig at aol.com wrote:
> Hey all,
>        See Google  News      Antarctic Sea Ice increasing for third
> straight year....
>        So much for global warming.
>        Joe Preisig

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