[ RadSafe ] Virus Treatment of Cancer

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Wed Apr 1 18:56:28 CDT 2015

     60 Minutes (USA TV) had more on virus treatments  of cancer, some of 
this being done at Duke University.  Refer to medical  journals also.
     Polio virus is being used to treat glioblastoma  multiforme and other 
cancers with some success.  The virus concentrations  and other details are 
probably in relevant articles.  
     Too little virus volume results in treatment  failure???
     Too much virus volume results in an over-response  of the body's 
immune system to the virus and causes problems, possibly death,  for the patient.
     An optimal amount of virus volume results in the  cancer being 
cured.???  The mechanism is something like this.  The  virus is introduced 
into/around the cancer.  The presence of the virus  causes the body's immune system 
to attack the cancer cells.  Normal cells  are not attacked.  Proper 
treatment results in the cancer diminishing  and/or going away.
    Guess the introduced virus solution needs to cover the  volume of the 
cancer???  See articles.
    So, this use of polio, hiv and other viruses is another  form of 
immunotherapy.  Guess such treatment trials continue to go  forward.
    Joe Preisig

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