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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Tue Apr 7 00:10:07 CDT 2015

     The UFO and ancient alien shows are giving some  pretty serious hints 
at how electromagnetic space propulsion is achieved.   I expect such an 
electromagnetic propulsion system would get us around our  solar system pretty 
well.  Remember, the Earth and Sun have magnetic  fields.
     The clues are given in the design of the German  WWII Glocke flying 
craft.  I believe the Glocke was a precursor to the  German WWII flying 
saucers called the Haunebu.  Haunebu schematics are  available on the 
internet..Some of their propulsion may be based on Victor  Schauberger's thruster work.
     The power sources for these various flying ships  are enriched 
Uranium, enriched Plutonium or Element-115.  These materials  are hard to come by.  
When such a space craft crashes on Earth, it is a  good idea to retrieve 
these expensive fuels.  The original Glocke design  may have come from 
back-engineering of a flying-ship that  allegedly crashed in the Black Forest in 
     The guy with the thick eyeglasses describes a  pseudo-gravitational 
propulsion system, and his 40 minute youtube is available  on the internet  
Watch the youtube.  Propulsion via pseudo-gravity is  based on the properties 
of Element-115.   This guy is either telling a  total story, or this 
propulsion system may be real.  You decide.   Watch the Video.  I expect such 
pseudo-gravitational propulsion could  get us to other stars.
     When a Glocke or Haunebu loses its levitating  ability, it crashes 
into the Earth quite quickly.  I could discuss the  Electromagnetic propulsion 
system via my personal email, but such a discussion  would not be cost-free. 
 I doubt any of us could get enriched Uranium,  enriched Plutonium or 
Element-115 to make such a flying-craft.  A  government of a foreign Nation could 
set up centrifuges to make enriched  Uranium, or enriched Plutonium.  
Similarly, they might be able to produce  Element-115 in a particle accelerator, 
but that would also be expensive.
    The electromagnetic drive is a 3-dimensional propulsion  system, and 
would probably work well in the Earth's or Sun's magnetic  fields.  I expect 
the TR3B flying craft (see the internet) uses  electromagnetic propulsion.  
An electromagnetic propulsion system would, by  its design, have external 
magnetic fields which would causes nearby plane  engines or car engines to 
stall out.
     Joe Preisig
PS The pseudo-gravitational propulsion system Bob Lazar talks about doesn't 
 use worm-holes.

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