[ RadSafe ] Drought relief???

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Desalination is not a solution to the kind of water CA needs to support its agriculture, industry, and urban needs.  There are, however, several moves that would help.  Investment in infrastructure that maximizes use of grey water (as flush water for toilets, for example) would be increase potable water supply, decrease load on treatment plants, and stimulate the economy.  Removing the preferential rates big water users such as golf courses get would encourage them to be more conscientious about efficiency (though the disciples of Market Forces generally howl when the forces impact their entertainments).  Something India is doing could be looked at: they are roofing over aqueducts and irrigation canals with solar cells, reducing evaporation loss and providing power at the same time.     

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     See google news
     California, Texas, other states looking into  desalination.
     San Diego County has such a plant being  built.
     Joe Preisig
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