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Well, for instance, at the hospital at which I worked many years ago, which
was effectively the clinical arm of the world's leading center of R&D for
high-dose chemo tx (frequently just called "bone marrow transplants (BMT's)
or stem cell transplants (SCT's)), because kids who get high-dose chemo
usually are small for their ages, it's hard to tell how "old" they are,
relative to their absolute chronological age.  So, we used to do
"bone-aging" studies, of, at least, their hands and wrists.  My Total
Recall is poor, but I *think* the joints become "knitted", or something,
when a child reaches his or her final, adult, size.


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Methinks they are talking about forensics on cadavers, not healing arts on
living people.
Please clarify.
Philip Egidi
Environmental Scientist
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The regulation of the use of X-ray equipment in the US is done by the
individual states.  Every state has its own regulations although they are
all  very similar to each other since they tend to follow the Suggested
State Regulations of the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors
(CRCPD).  In New York no radiation can be applied to humans without a
physician's (or dentist's) order and must be performed by a qualified
technologist. (This is the gist of it, anyway.)  So absent a valid medical
reason, no one is supposed to be x-rayed. Determining age does not
necessarily sound like a valid medical reason, but I suppose a physician
might consider it to be under certain circumstances.  I believe that this
is essentially the same in every state in the US.
Clayton Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist
NYS Dept. of Health

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