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S L Gawarecki slgawarecki at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 01:25:28 CDT 2015

There is plenty of moisture available in the atmosphere whether icecaps are
freezing or not (and they are currently melting). The California drought is
a result of at least a couple of problems.

   1. Changing storm tracks - in recent years a persistent high pressure
   system has developed in the Gulf of Alaska (normally under the influence of
   the Aleutian Low), which has diverted the jet stream, and this causes
   Pacific cyclones to bear northwards away from California then dip
   southwards in the mid-continent. Coincidentally, the Gulf of Alaska has
   warmed as much as 5 degrees above its normal seasonal averages.

   2. Winter temperatures in the Sierra Nevada are warmer, so that rain is
   increasing in proportion to snow. Snow pack is what feeds the reservoirs
   into late summer, and consequently the water distribution systems.

Climatologists are hopeful that a strong El Nino predicted for this year
will restore normal storm tracks and bring more rain to California. I say
"prepare for mudslide season."

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