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Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 11:43:56 CDT 2015


     What you are saying may be true.  I believe ice caps are
re-freezing.  Something involving earth orientation is causing the
phenomena you discuss.

     Joe Preisig

PS We'll see how long the drought lasts in California.  Without VLBI
data and better computing facilities, I cannot give you a better
estimate of the drought length.
Conservation is still a must.

On 8/24/15, S L Gawarecki <slgawarecki at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is plenty of moisture available in the atmosphere whether icecaps are
> freezing or not (and they are currently melting). The California drought is
> a result of at least a couple of problems.
>    1. Changing storm tracks - in recent years a persistent high pressure
>    system has developed in the Gulf of Alaska (normally under the influence
> of
>    the Aleutian Low), which has diverted the jet stream, and this causes
>    Pacific cyclones to bear northwards away from California then dip
>    southwards in the mid-continent. Coincidentally, the Gulf of Alaska has
>    warmed as much as 5 degrees above its normal seasonal averages.
>    2. Winter temperatures in the Sierra Nevada are warmer, so that rain is
>    increasing in proportion to snow. Snow pack is what feeds the reservoirs
>    into late summer, and consequently the water distribution systems.
> Climatologists are hopeful that a strong El Nino predicted for this year
> will restore normal storm tracks and bring more rain to California. I say
> "prepare for mudslide season."
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