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     Einstein's work of 1905 (special relativity) and 1915 (general
relativity) are now well-known and accepted.  Much of this doesn't have
much impact on our daily lives.  A good book on special relativity is by AP
French.  A good book on general relativity is Gravitation by Misner, Thorne
and Wheeler.  The internet has some simplistic short courses on general
relativity.  One wanting to learn about General Relativity should learn
about Tensor math first (scaler, vector, tensor).

     A good book on experimental particle physics is Foundations of
Experimental Particle Physics by Cahn and Goldhaber.  It describes the four
fundamental forces and their relationships.  Another good book might be by
Perkins (Particle Physics).

    Much of what can be found on the internet and/or youtubes comes from
the USA or other countries.  Team USA has a need and desire to keep secret
information SECRET.  The youtubes on flight and associated health physics
are on the internet.  Many of the phenomena I have discussed in earlier
email posts are real, and some of the less well-known phenomena may be real
also.  Watch the youtubes I discussed if you want to.  Special Relativity
and General Relativity are fairly open science, and have been published in
the scientific literature long ago.

    The glocke, haunebu and vril flying ships were developed circa 1945.
I've discussed how they work somewhat and how they might be powered.  We
health physicists and other folks on radsafe are aware of some pretty good
sources of energy/power, some of which might fit in a large building.

     I've discussed how the glocke, haubnebu and tr3b work, possibly via an
electromagnetic propulsion system.  I've discussed other possible means of
propulsion which are more like STAR TREK or whatever.  A propulsion system
based on something other than Electromagnetic propulsion might be very
handy getting to places away from our Earth and Sun (and their magnetic
fields).  Such propulsion to go large distances in space might be aided by
phenomena which might be described in Misner, Thorne and Wheeler.  Funny,
Einstein, did much of his early work in Switzerland and Germany, and other
European/German scientists followed his work.  Special Relativity
and General Relativity date from circa 1905 to 1915, and beyond.

     I've described somewhat how the glocke, haunebu and tr3b work.  Some
health physicists work at places where particle beams go in circular
orbits, at very high velocities, and they help design shielding to bring
down dose levels at such facilities.  Maybe a few of us even work at
facilities where liquid, gaseous etc. metal rotates quickly and possibly
gives off synchrotron radiation.

     The book on Special Relativity describes what happens to a particle
that goes at high velocity in a circular, or rather an approximately
circular, orbit.  Remember what happens to a particle at high velocity.  Do
you remember what happens to its mass?  Write the equation down and try
some velocities that go closer and closer to the speed of light.  Now,
write down an equation for the total Energy of the particle, either a
classical velocity equation or the one Einstein told us about.  That
equation was from Einstein's 1905 work also.

     Hmmmmm.  The glocke, haunebu, tr2b might be doing some really strange
stuff.  These spacecraft work at high velocities, carry large crews, are
powered somehow, and sometimes make some sharp 90 degree turns.  The
youtubes suggest how all this is done, in some detail.  It's not just STAR
TREK anymore????

     Have a good week.     Joe Preisig

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