[ RadSafe ] Fukushima released 13, 000, 000, 000 times more neutrons than initially estimated -- "Obvious implication for human health"

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Is there really any obvious implication for human health?  Thanks.

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Fukushima released 13,000,000,000 times more neutrons than initially
estimated -- "Obvious implication for human health"

by dunrenard

We estimated a lower limit of 5.2 × 1021 slow neutrons m-2 sec-1 [m-2
sec-1 = per sq. meter per second] were emitted from the nuclear fuel
rods to the sea water injected in the reactors
Priyadarshi et al. (2011) have estimated a release amount of 4 × 1011
slow neutrons m-2. The large difference with our estimation
[13,000,000,000 times higher] comes from the intrinsic limit of the
box model study by Priyadarshi et al.
Our model directly estimates the amount of material released from the
reactor core
The estimated... number of neutron represent a lower limit of the amount
of radiation emitted from the nuclear reactors... These values can be
used as a proxy to the total amount of radiation emitted since the
melt down
[The authors] express their gratitude to... the Japanese Ministry of
Environment...Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Technology
(MEXT)... [and] the Cabinet Office

Source:  Scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology, U. of
California San Diego & Kyushu U., made available Oct 16, 2014



Evidence of neutron leakage at the Fukushima nuclear plant... Despite
the obvious implication for human health and the surrounding ecology,
there are no quantitative estimates of the neutron flux leakage... Heat
must be removed by cooling the system to prevent... meltdown, which
results in injection of neutrons and other fission products into the
atmosphere... [T]ons of seawater were used as a coolant... A consequence
is that salts and minerals present in seawater become radioactive by
reaction with thermal neutrons... We calculated the total number of
neutrons that leaked from the reactor core [and] estimate that a total
of 4 × 1011 neutrons per m2 were released before March 20.

Source:  Priyadarshi et al.:


Slow Neutrons: "In water-cooled reactors like the ones at Fukushima,
the right combination of slow neutrons and enriched fuel leads to a
self-sustaining process... [Water] acts as a so-called moderator,
slowing down the neutrons and keeping the reaction going."

Health effects of neutron radiation:

Wikipedia: [Neutron] radiation is considered to be the most severe and
dangerous radiation to the whole body when it is exposed to external
radiation sources [and] roughly ten times more effective at causing
biological damage compared to gamma or beta
Dr. Robert Gale, MD (In 2011 Gale was called to Japan to deal with
medical consequences of the Fukushima disaster): All  three  types  of
 particles... can  harm humans. Neutrons are the most dangerous because
they are very energetic, can penetrate deeply, and deposit large
amounts of energy into tissues.
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Neutrons... have an exceptional
ability to penetrate other material... neutrons are the only [type of
ionizing radiation] that can make objects radioactive... neutrons can
travel great distances in air.
Dept. of Health & Human Services: Neutrons... are significantly more
potent carcinogens [and] induces... chromosomal aberrations, mutations,
and DNA damage... more efficiently

Source: Enenews


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