[ RadSafe ] 10CFR20 question

Sander Perle sandyfl at cox.net
Wed Jan 21 17:45:51 CST 2015

The requirement as is the case for monitoring and reporting Hp(10), Hp(3)
and Hp(0.07) is that the individual is expected to exceed 10% to the Annual
Limit and the pertinent sections are listed below:
§ 20.1201 Occupational dose limits for adults.
(a) The licensee shall control the occupational dose to individual adults,
except for planned special exposures under § 20.1206, to the following dose

(1) An annual limit, which is the more limiting of--

(i) The total effective dose equivalent being equal to 5 rems (0.05 Sv); or

(ii) The sum of the deep-dose equivalent and the committed dose equivalent
to any individual organ or tissue other than the lens of the eye being equal
to 50 rems (0.5 Sv).

(2) The annual limits to the lens of the eye, to the skin of the whole body,
and to the skin of the extremities, which are:

(i) A lens dose equivalent of 15 rems (0.15 Sv), and

(ii) A shallow-dose equivalent of 50 rem (0.5 Sv) to the skin of the whole
body or to the skin of any extremity.

§ 20.1502 Conditions requiring individual monitoring of external and
internal occupational dose.
Each licensee shall monitor exposures to radiation and radioactive material
at levels sufficient to demonstrate compliance with the occupational dose
limits of this part. As a minimum‹

(a) Each licensee shall monitor occupational exposure to radiation from
licensed and unlicensed radiation sources under the control of the licensee
and shall supply and require the use of individual monitoring devices by‹

(1) Adults likely to receive, in 1 year from sources external to the body, a
dose in excess of 10 percent of the limits in § 20.1201(a),

(2) Minors likely to receive, in 1 year, from radiation sources external to
the body, a deep dose equivalent in excess of 0.1 rem (1 mSv), a lens dose
equivalent in excess of 0.15 rem (1.5 mSv), or a shallow dose equivalent to
the skin or to the extremities in excess of 0.5 rem (5 mSv);


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From:  Gretchen Mitschelen <gmitsch at umich.edu>
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Date:  Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 2:09 PM
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Subject:  [ RadSafe ] 10CFR20 question

Hi-I am a student at U of M and am taking a lab that requires I familiarize
myself with 10CFR20 (among other things!)

My question is this:

Under what circumstances, if any, is the use of extremity monitoring
required under NRC regulations?

I found in 10CFR20.1502 (a) the circumstances that require and individual
to monitor for external dose, but can't seem to find anything that deals
solely with extremity monitoring.

Any help is appreciated!

Gretchen Mitschelen
University of Michigan class of 2015
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences
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