[ RadSafe ] [Radsafe] Anyone had issues with re-charging Exploranium-135Plus?

Nick Tsurikov nick.tsurikov at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 20:51:48 CST 2015

Dear colleagues,
I was wondering if anyone had issues with batteries in Exploranium-135Plus,
as follows:
- I did not switch the monitor on for about three months, and now trying to
re-charge the batteries: it just shows "LOW" on battery indicator and the
yellow 'charge' light does not come up on the docking station.
- Plugged the cable directly in the back - same story, not charging.
- I thought something wrong with the batteries: changed the battery setting
and put the alkaline D size batteries in it - does not work either...
Basically, monitor operates perfectly fine when plugged into the power
socket, but I don't get what may be wrong with the battery operation - if
anyone had the same experience: could you please let me know?
Sure, I may need to send it back to the supplier, but maybe there is
something that I'm missing - any help will be very much appreciated.
Kind regards
Nick Tsurikov, Western Australia

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