[ RadSafe ] From IRE Archives - Radiation in Drinking Water from KHOU TV

Roger Helbig rwhelbig at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 05:45:08 CDT 2015

Really "sensational" reporting - did any of you in Houston area note this
reporting and comment to the station about its apparent failure to realize
that this is normally occurring radiation.   They make big deal about Alpha
Particles - just one particle can cause cancer and Dr Ozonoff mentioned in
this reporting was the Editor in Chief of journal that allowed Chris Busby
to be one of the peer reviewers for Rita Hindin's article that is firmly
ensconced in the PubMed as showing that Uraniuim is teratogenic.


it's not new, but it is not very accurate reporting yet IRE (Investigative
Reporters and Editors) so it is influencing reporters all over the world
now and in the future as supposedly being ground breaking reporting.

Roger Helbig

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