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Years ago I read a thread where someone was talking about how nuclear power wasn't necessary, because solar power satellites could produce a nearly unlimited amount of electricity that could be beamed down to Earth.  I pointed out there were still some non-trivial practical issues to solve, and that if he didn't like thousand megawatt nuclear facilities, he REALLY wouldn't like terawatt microwave lasers in space.  If you assume the satellites are in geosynchronous orbit a mile-wide receiving antenna requires far better than pin-point accuracy.  

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      Some interesting stuff about solar energy  lately.
      Australian researchers are claiming 40%  conversion efficiencies for their solar cells.
      Other solar researchers are thinking about  ways to collect solar energy in space (in Earth orbit) and how to beam the  energy to the Earth's surface.  Too bad Tesla isn't around to help with  this idea.  Have satellites around the Earth with solar collecters???
      The other idea is to place optics/mirrors  etc. in Earth orbit to direct Sunlight to collection points on the Earth's  surface.  Sounds much like the Bond movie --- the Man with the Golden Gun  (the Solex).  Also sounds like solar weapons systems tinkered with by the  Germans in WW II.
      Time to get a second MS/MA degree in solar  energy/EE/Applied Physics from the Colorado School of Mines (Solar Energy  Research Institute) or somewhere like that..???.
      Joe Preisig
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