[ RadSafe ] Fw: not sure I understand this, but it sounds interesting

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Thu Mar 19 15:54:00 CDT 2015

Does anyone have any comments on this?  It almost sounds like a mini-CAT 
scan machine - - jmr

3-D Imaging From Robotic-Friendly Gamma Camera Achieved 
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Nuclear Street News Team Tue, Mar 17 2015 2:09 PM 
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Trade magazine Novus Light Technologies Today said Monday that a new gamma 
camera created by British company Createc makes use of a much lighter 
collimator than previously available, making it possible to attain a 3-D 
picture of radioactive sources in a manner that will greatly assist 
nuclear plant decommissioning. 
The Createc team, led by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Matthew Mellor, has 
overcome a few hurdles, besides bulk and weight, which could make the new 
camera useful with remote or robotic handling. 
Prior collimators required scans limited by the need for small apertures 
to produce fine resolutions. This would keep the signal to interference 
ratio low. Another way to do that would be to increase the time of the 
scanning, but that just creates a problem of slowing down the process. 
Createc, however, has come up with a field modulator ?that modulates the 
radiation reaching the detector in the new camera,? the magazine reported. 
This modulator ?comprises a sphere of dense material with a cavity at its 
center to accommodate a semiconductor-based radiation detector,? the 
magazine said. There is also a slot cut that goes to the cavity at the 
center of the sphere. 
While the sphere is rotated, radiation is not absorbed if it comes at the 
sphere in a direction that is on the same plane as the slot in the sphere. 
This allows for an algorithm to produce an image from the gamma radiation 
measurements, the magazine explained. 
Once measurements are taken from three sets of sensors at different 
locations, Createc produces a 3-D image with its own N-Visage Source 
Mapping Software. 
"A user can use the model created by the software to virtually remove one 
or more of the radioactive objects, after which the software will 
calculate what the reduction in radioactive dosage might be. 
Alternatively, it can be used to install a virtual radiation shield within 
the computer model and the effects of lowering the dosage of the radiation 
that is emitted can be predicted prior to deploying any physical shielding 
at the plant itself,? said Dr. Mellor said, as quoted by the magazine. 

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