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Nearly all of what Christina Macpherson writes can safely be called shameless fearmongering.  However, item 7 is partly true:

         ...  to get rid of the pollution that has fallen over the wide area of Eastern Japan, they are scraping off the top layer of the soil, and putting it in plastic bags as garbage. Great mountains of these plastic bags, all weather-beaten, are sitting in fields in Eastern Japan subject of course to attack by heavy rain and typhoons. Eventually the plastic will split open and the contents will come spilling out. When that happens, there will be no place left to take them.

IMHO, this effort was an ill-planned knee jerk that has turned into a real money-grabbing fiasco.  The bagged cleanup waste became a "political hostage" because to final disposal option was identified beforehand.  Political inertia being what it is, she may be correct in predicting that the bags will age and spill before a final disposition is agreed to.

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These facts are most likely not even true, let alone fact!
Counterpunch is pretty widely read.  I am going to send this to a local person who has written for them once I get your replies so that the facts can be separated from the fiction.

Roger Helbig

8 Significant facts about Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Station

by Christina MacPherson

6. In Japan, the only radiation from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Reactors that is being measured is the radioactive cesium. However large amounts of strontium 90 and tritium are spreading all over Japan. Strontium and tritium's radiation consists of beta rays, and are very difficult to measure. However both are extremely dangerous:
strontium can cause leukemia, and tritium can cause chromosome disorder.

8. ......Tokyo Governor Naoki Inose said ."It is not under control now."

Some Facts You Must Know About Fukushima Takashi Hirose | CounterPunch, 26 Mar 15 ".........Here are eight things you need to know.
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