[ RadSafe ] List Rules

Jeff Terry terryj at iit.edu
Mon Mar 30 19:31:05 CDT 2015

Hi All, 

A while back I spoke about wanting to find someone else to take over the list, I am making that request again. 

Also, we will be revising the RadSafe rules shortly and they will remain in effect for the remainder of the time that we host the list at IIT.

I want to make it clear that you do not need to call someone names to make a point on the list. 


RadSafe Rules:

Before posting a message to the list be sure to have read and understood the RadSafe rules.
Civility is expected in all posts to the list.

Attacking list members is not allowed and may lead to loss of list access.

This is just a reminder of the purpose for and protocols of the RadSafe mailing list. 

The purpose of the RadSafe mailing list is to allow for the free exchange of ideas between its members, so as to assist them in their work and advance our fields of shared interest. To that end, it is possible that positions will be taken with which not everyone agrees. Often, there is not a need to publically air one's disagreement; however, to the extent, that one feels compelled to make his or her disagreement know, please make sure that discussion is as pleasant and professional as the circumstances allow. So, if you differ with a position being taken by another member, please do so politely. Remember that the written word shows no emotion, so double entendres, humor, cynicism, or slang usage should be used only with great caution.

All posts to the list are owned by the poster. The list owners, maintainers, or any sponsoring organization are in no way responsible for posts or their content. By posting to or reading the list or archives, you agree to absolve owners/maintainers/sponsors of all responsibility. 

Think before you type. Remember that the list default behavior is reply-to-ALL. It is not list policy to remove posts from the archive. If you wrote something you should not have, apologize to the appropriate parties.

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