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Since  joining  Beyond  Nuclear  in  2007,  CINDY  FOLKERS  has  focused  on
ionizing  radiation  and  its  impact  on  health  and  the  environment.
>From  1994  until  2007,  she  served  as  the  radiation  and  health
specialist  at  Nuclear  Information  and  Resource  Service.
Cindy  communicates  with  media,  members  of  the  public,  U.S.
Congress,  and  national  and  international  agencies  on  radiation  and
health  regulation  and  science.
She  has  traveled  and  spoken  at  public  meetings,  conferences  and
academic  symposia.
She  has  worked  to  ensure  public  participation  in  National  Academy
of  Sciences  panels  investigating  the  health  effects  of  radiation,
notifying  activists  across  the  country  of  regional  meetings  for
these  NAS  committees  and  informing  people  about  interacting  with
the  committee  through  both  verbal  and  written  comments.
In  her  work  on  radiation,  she  emphasizes  the  use  of  precaution  in
the  face  of  uncertain  health  outcomes  rather  than  exposing  people
to  a  substance,  like  radiation,  that  is  known  to  cause  harm.
She  advocates  for  community‐based  action  that  informs  individuals
of  contamination  levels  and  risks  so  that  they  may  decide  for
themselves  what  risks  they  are  willing  to  take,  rather  than  being
exposed  without  their  knowledge  or  consent.
Cindy  advocates  for  public  openness  regarding  contamination
monitoring,  and  the  scientific  basis  for  determining  both  the  harm
from  radiation,  and  regulations  that  are  supposed  to  be  protective.

For  full  protection  of  health,  a  more  integrated  approach  is
needed  between  a  number  of  scientific  disciplines  in  order  to  get
a  clearer  picture  of  how  radiation  harms  and  how  the  public
should  be  better  informed  and  protected.
Published  works  include  “Radiation  and  children:  the  ignored
victims”  in  Transforming  Terror:  remembering  the  soul  of  the  world
from  University  of  California  Press, 2011;  and  “Post‐Fukushima  food
monitoring”  in  Crisis  without  End  from  The  New  Press,  2014.
Cindy  has  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  from  Franklin  and  Marshall  College
and  a  Masters  of  Science  in  Environmental  Science  from  The  Johns
Hopkins  University.  Cindy  grew  up  in  Florida.


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So this is how a quack like Fairlie gets to talk to the EPA.

(See text below or download & click on image to zoom in, pls)


Jaro Franta


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Thank you for contacting the Radiation Protection Division.

The request to deliver a presentation from an external researcher was made
to our Associate Administrator's (AA) office. Unfortunately, the AA was
unable to meet with Dr. Fairlie (the author of the presentation) and
requested that Management from the Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA)
meet with Dr. Fairlie.

Dr. Ian Fairlie is an international visitor (Canada) and the logistics for
his visit were handled through Cindy Folkers, a radiation and health
specialist with the organization Beyond Nuclear. I believe Dr. Fairlie was
trying to meet with individuals in one or more additional offices at EPA
while he was in the District of Colombia.

Dr. Fairlie delivered his presentation on April 27, 2015 to senior staff and
managers within the Radiation Protection Division in an EPA West building
conference room. The link provided in Jaro Franta's email (below) is the
presentation that was delivered to by Dr. Fairlie.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Radiation Protection Division
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Jaro Franta
 <mailto:jaro.10kbq at gmail.com> ################## COMMENTS Greetings!
This to request information about a "US EPA Lecture" by Dr Ian Fairlie this
past Monday, 27 April, 2015.
Would you please tell me about the specific venue and audience for this
lecture, as well as who organized it?
Your help would be greatly appreciated!
The "US EPA Lecture" can be found at the following link:


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