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You don't want to re-purpose the source in a smoke detector, anyway.  That
would void the general license under which some entities manufactured and
distributed, and you possessed it.  Also, I would bear in mind that folks
at the NRC belong to this list, too.  So this forum is more akin to a town
meeting, than it is to a cozy chat over a beer (or two), with some
colleagues at a professional meeting.


P.S. Last I recall, the mantles that were "Made in India", by repute, were

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Does anyone know where there may be a source of the Thoriated - ie.
radioactive - lamp mantles.
I need a few check sources and only have 2 hot packets left.
The Coleman branded ones have not been hot for some time - but I just went
shopping around and even the imports I found are cold.
A packet of No Salt is not quite hot enough to work well and a smoke
detector source is too hot and a bag of fertilizer too large.  AND - I am
NOT breaking up my Fiesta Ware!!!
Ted de Castro

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