[ RadSafe ] NRC Petitions regarding the LNT model

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Otto & Mohan,

Is there any cost benefit analysis done by the proponents of the new paradigm to show that the new approaches saves lives or costs less to the society in general.  Are the economic benefits compelling?  How does this affect job market?  How much will it cost for implementation & training?  Who will benefit?  I haven't seen any of those discussions happening nor come across any serious reports.  Scientific accuracy alone not enough to change behavior.  There must be demonstrable and substantial economic benefits all around. I would appreciate if you can point me to that kind of information.  Thanks. 

S. Komanduri

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I have published numerous papers proving that LNT is false including one in "Science" in 1980.

Raabe, OG: Concerning the  Health Effects of Internally Deposited Radionuclides, Health Phys. 98: 515-536; 2010.

Raabe, OG: Toward Improved Ionizing Radiation Safety Standards, Health Phys. 101: 84-93; 2011.

I new paper is now on line at the International Journal of Radiation Biology that proves LNT is wrong.

*"Concerning ionizing radiation induced cancer from internally deposited radionuclides"

Otto G. Raabe, Ph.D., CHP*

*University of California, Davis*
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