[ RadSafe ] Anti-Nuclear Door Hanger Flyer Distributed in SanFrancisco Area

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Tue Oct 6 05:21:09 CDT 2015

Roger et al.,

One of the fundamental rules of "activists", sensational newspapers, 
massmedia and politicians is: If there are no threatening and shocking real 
news - invent some!!! The flyer you mention is a good example. Nothing is 
true in it for instance the IAEA never has issued a warning that "much of 
the Pacific Ocean is dying", nobody is predcting that life on earth will 
suffocate because of a lack of oxygen since plankton is dying. Nobody has 
ever stated (except some cranks) that fish are dead, whales, dolphins, seals 
etc. are dying. Interestingly only creatures of positive perception and no 
sharks are dying. One good argument is always that the goverrnmernts are 
accused of not reacting- this works everywhere in the world!

To much attention for a silly action of those "activists" (what a silly 
word!), who need to collect money in order to continue their ridiculous 

Best regards,


The Pacific Ocean ls Threatened

By the Fukushima Nuclear

Waste Releases, An Area

Govering 1/3

of the Planet: URGENT NEED

For States in the Region

to Be Concerned.

lmportant to Assess the

lmpact On Food and Water.

The |AEA begins testing

Around The Pacific.

Millions of Fish are Dead.

Whales, Seals, Dolphins

Shell Fish, SeaStars and

The Plankton that Creates

The Air we Breath are


The Crippled Fukushima

Nuclear Plants Continue

to Leak Millions of Gallons

of Radioactive Waste

into the Pacific Ocean

Each month.

Our Politicians are lgnoring

the Greatest THREAT

to Mankind in the History

Of  Planet Earth.

The Marine Life is being

Devastated and Species

are Disappearing.

3 of the 4 Nuclear Cores

have Melted through The

Containment Vessels and

are Mixing With Ground

Water that is pouring

into the Ocean.

The West Goast is in

Peril. For More lnfo go to;


this is edited copy from the OCR scan of the flyer
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